My songs Dear One and Wishful Thinking are included on the JogTunes Indie Podcast's April Playlist! This podcast features a great mix of indie music, sequenced by BPM for motivating running workouts. Learn more about JogTunes and follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Check the JogTunes Podcast every month for a new mix of music!


My song More Than Words Can Say is on the Existing and Occurring Talent Playlist on Spotify! Check out all of the great songs on the playlist and share it with others! Hoping to have more of my songs included on the playlist soon. Thank you for listening and sharing!





I had a very nice time celebrating Chanukah with my family and close friends. It is one of my favorite holidays, and I always look forward to it. There is a wonderful feeling of celebrating and being together with the ones you love, and I am always thankful for those special times. I hope everyone who celebrates had a nice Chanukah, as well!

As I watch the snow flakes falling and the Christmas lights glowing, I can't help but think how magical this time of year always is for me. Whether you are celebrating with your family or friends, or are celebrating alone, I wish you all happiness and love.

Thank you for all of your support and for listening to the music! In 2017, I received an amazing licensing deal with The Independent Filmmaker Project and an amazing licensing deal with PlayNetwork, Inc., my song "Wishful Thinking" was added to The NBTMusicRadio's Top 300 Singles/Tracks of 2017, and I am excited about all of the new music I am writing. Looking forward to sharing new music, merchandise, and shows with you in 2018!

You guys rock! Happy New Year!

Best wishes for Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!


My song "Wishful Thinking" is #288 on The NBTMusicRadio's Top 300 Singles/Tracks of 2017! Check out the full list of the Top 300 Singles/Tracks of 2017! Thank you for listening and for all of your support! Keep listening to the NBTMusicRadio station.


I am happy to share that, through SongTradr, I signed a licensing deal with PlayNetwork, Inc.! Let me know if you hear a song from my Dear One EP in a retail store or restaurant!


Music news!

Dear One CD:

Dear One has been available for digital download in the music store and in many other digital stores including: CD Baby, Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon for over a year. Since its February 6, 2016 release date, I have wanted to make physical copies of the EP, as well. After a few setbacks and many requests from music listeners, the CDs are finally here!  Dear One is available now on CD in the music store! Order a copy today! Each order comes with a free digital download of the EP. 

Music Licensing:

I am happy to share that, through SongTradr, I signed a licensing deal with The Independent Filmmaker Project. IFP was founded in 1979 and is the oldest and largest not-for-profit dedicated to independent film. Please visit The Independent Filmmaker Project for more information on this wonderful company and the many programs and films it produces. 

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